PUL Delamination

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It is very rare that the PUL we use will delaminate… with that being said, as with anything in life, there is the rare audity. Currently, and for some time now, all the PUL we use to produce Bella Luna Cloth Diapers is manufactured in Canada. It is not milled and laminated by us, but produced for us from a very trusted, experienced manufacturer. 

PUL is produced by bonding together a polyester jersey and a thin layer of 1 mil polyurethane laminate. This layer is bonded to the jersey using a chemical free process that heat bonds the two layers together. You can see those heat bonds in the form of little dots on the backside of the PUL. Between those dots, the two layers are not fused together, this provides the stretch needed for a great fitting pocket diaper.

While manufacturing of textiles has very high quality control standards in place, there is room for variance. Some pul may be slightly softer, some slightly stickier, some with slightly wider distance between adhesion points. None of these factors change the actual quality and durability of the PUL fabric.

Over time, as the cloth diaper is used, the outer layer of the PUL (the polyester jersey) will stretch some from use. This is never noticeable from the outside, but when looking at the underside of the PUL, you will start to notice wrinkling. This is 100% normal. The wrinkling occurs between the adhesion dots. This is NOT a sign of delamination, rather, a sign of great quality fabric that is holding up to vigorous washing and wear.


As mentioned, while strict quality control measures are in place within textile manufacturing, sometimes things go wrong. Usually it will occur in a small batch of fabric and will go completely unnoticed by the manufacturer and ourselves as there appears to be zero issue. Manufacturing defects that lead to delamination are almost always caused by an issue with the heat bond and will almost always be apparent after the first few washes. In the more rarer cases, the manufacturing defect is less severe and it will take approximately 6 months for any issue with the laminate to arise. As such, to ensure that both possible issues are covered, Bella Luna offers a full 1 year :WARRANTY: protecting against delamination.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at hello@bellalunainspirations.com

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