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Update 7.19

Thank you guys so much for your patience during this whole Canada Post shipping kerfuffle. We know that it hasn’t been easy and we are so glad that while it is super hard to wait on pretties, that you guys have been gracious in your understanding.

I’m going to start by taking a bit of a step back, as there may has been a bit of confusion as to why we didn’t start normal shipping right after the Lockout was retracted by Canada Post on June 10th. For the week prior to Canada Post retracting their Lockout notice, Canada Post had gone back and forth.. and back and forth. First issuing the Lockout notice, then extending it, then agreeing to a 30 day cool off period with a condition that the Union would accept arbitration, then when that was declined by the Union, the Lockout notice was re issued… and the retracted. This amount of back and forth caused for some serious uncertainty as to what their next move would be. There was also great concern that the Union would strike if Canada Post did not negotiate in the fashion the Union wants. All of these factors cause for some serious risk. While it may not be as big of a risk for people sending one package here and there, when you take into account commercial volume, the fact that economy has no tracking, and the fact that economy doesn’t have insurance, that is a HUGE risk to a small business such as Bella Luna. The LAST thing we want to risk is for your orders to be held during a postal disruption within the Canada Post system or for it to get lost. That would have detrimental consequences on us as a business and on your perceived feelings towards us. So we have made decisions to ensure your items are safe and that when the risk is lowered, that your items arrive home.

We have been following the updates presented by Canada Post and the Union very closely. While we have lost quite a bit of confidence in our nation's postal service, it seems that negotiations are going well and progressing. This progression is very important.

Based on this progress, as long as nothing crazy happens between now and early next week, we will resume normal shipping on Tuesday, July 26th. This week, we continue to only ship out Expedited packages to mitigate risk. Shipping has already begun for the early week shipping and we will be shipping again on Thursday/Friday. We continue to welcome for people to upgrade their shipping to expedited if they would like their items shipped out this week. Generally the cost to upgrade to expedited is approx $2-5 (using your reward points is a great way to not pay anything if you have enough). In order for us to make those arrangements, we need to hear from you by Wednesday at noon est. Please email Amanda at amanda@bellalunainspirations.com to make those arrangements. If we don’t hear from you with an upgrade request, your package (assuming your have received TBD shipping notification) will be going out on Tuesday of next week. After that point, all shipping notifications going forward will have the scheduled ship date noted in the confirmation email (it will not longer say TBD as it has these last several weeks).

Thank you again for the amazing support, as we all endured what was a seriously frustrating time. We very much look forward to shipping as usual!


Update 7.11

In light of the most recent news from Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which states that Canada Post has retracted their lock out notice and the Union has publically said repeatedly that it will not strike, Bella Luna will resume shipping Expedited packages. Without more certainty, we are unable to ship Economy packages are they do not have insurance or tracking. The threat of a labor destruction is still a possibility and the chaos that would ensue with Economy packages would be too much of a liability for Bella Luna to take on. By shipping only Expedited packages, IF a lockout or strike does occur shortly after ship, we will at very least know where the packages actually are and if anything does happen to them (very small chance), they will be fully insured. Obviously without tracking and insurance on Economy, that isn’t info we would have, which makes it too risky.

If you paid for Expedited shipping on any of your orders that are currently being held, any other orders being held will be shipping Expedited. If you have more than 5 diapers/pants being held, they will have been bumped up to Expedited automatically.

If you only have a few diapers holding and only paid Economy, you are more than welcome to either order a few more in stock items between now and Tuesday at noon est and pay Economy shipping to bump the package to Expedited. Or you may also instead pay the difference to bump your held item to Expedited. If you would like to pay the difference in shipping, please contact Amanda (amanda@bellalunainspirations.com) by Tuesday at noon est and she will invoice you for that difference and ensure your orders go out this week. It is important to note that we can only make arrangement to ship items once you have received a shipping notification. If you have not yet received one, please do not email to make arrangements until you have received that. If you choose to not pay to upgrade to Expedited, we will continue to combine any economy packages and as soon as they hit the ability to ship expedited, they will go out on our next shipping day.

If you are not comfortable with us shipping your Expedited package right now and would rather we continue to hold, please email Amanda asap (by Tuesday at noon est) to make those arrangements (amanda@bellalunainspirations.com).

Shipping will resume on Wednesday with the goal to have all items shipped out by Friday. Any instock items purchased prior to Tuesday at noon est will have the chance to be shipped. Please remember that we are only shipping Expedited packages at this time.

We will reassess Economy shipping as more information is provided to us and update you all as we know. We want nothing more than to get all items home safe and sound. This seems to be the most responsible, least risky way to go about doing so.

Thank you all for your amazing patience and understanding as we all work through this unsettling and frustrating time.


Posted 6.22

As you may already know, Canada Post (the shipping company Bella Luna and most small businesses in Canada use) may be facing mail disruption due to labor disputes which, as of right now, have not been resolved. Should a strike or lock out occur, all mail service will come to a halt until agreements are made (or the like). News reports are currently stating it could happen July 2nd.

Unfortunately, all the information I have is from news reports as Canada Post does not seem to have made any official statements. We, as a commercial customer, have not been contacted in any form to notify us of the possible interruption. As such, making decisions regarding our shipping has been difficult as nothing has come “from the horse's mouth”.  

It is very important to us that everyone receives their purchased items safely and in a timely matter. It would appear however that the timely manner bit may be out of our hands. But… we can ensure safety. As such, we will not be shipping out packages after Friday June 24th via Canada Post. All packages will be held until more information is available. The reason for holding the packages is because if a lock out/strike does occur in early July, any packages that are in transit will just sit, whether at a random post office or a sorting facility. It’s unknown if there will be security watching over those items. We would much rather hold the packages safe and sound at BL HQ and send them home when we know they can safely transit home to you without issue.

All production at BL HQ, as well as all in stock stockings, preorder stockings, mama monday stockings, cmgs will go on as normal. There will be zero changes EXCEPT that we will not be physically shipping items out. You will continue to receive shipping notifications, as even the way we process shipping will be the same, however the expected date of shipment will be “to be determined”. We will combine all your shipping together (which will result in a lot of you having your packages bumped to expedited) and once we have word it is safe to ship, all packages will go out within a few days.

We fully understand that this really sucks, please know it sucks for us to. We want nothing more than to ship home your fluff and see the fun posts on the bst with your “purple packages” and OTB shots. But... our hands are tied when it comes to Canada Post. BUT, we do have an alternative. If you are in a rush to receive you item(s), we are happy to provide you with a shipping quote via courier (still working out which courier we will be using, but it will be the one that is most cost effective). After you receive your shipping quote, you can choose to pay the difference to have your item(s) shipped via said courier. Please know that this is not a cheap alternative, but it is definitely something we can offer you. Please email Amanda@BellaLunaInspirations.com if you would like to make these arrangements. 

We will keep you guys as updated as we possibly can via our facebook business page and hope that everything resolves itself very quickly.

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