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What Is Mama Cloth?

Mama Cloth is the term used to refer to reusable menstrual pads. They are shaped much like their disposable "maxi pad" counterpart and are used/worn in the same manner. Mama Cloth varies in absorbency just as disposables do and can be fully customized to each woman's menstrual cycle. Bella Luna Regular Mama Cloth


How Is Mama Cloth Cared For?

Many women have small wet bags that they keep in the bathroom to hold their soiled Mama Cloth. To avoid staining, it is recommended that you first rinse off the Mama Cloth under cold tap water. The basic wash routine that seems to be most popular and well accepted is as follows:

  • Quick, cold tap water rinse prior to wet bag storage
  • Every 2-3 days toss the soiled pads in the washing machine for a short cold rinse followed by a long hot wash and then a second short cold rinse.
  • Lay flat to dry or toss in the dryer at any temperature

While it isn't necessary, if mama is cloth diapering, many wash their Mama Cloth with their cloth diapers which makes a lot of sense considering that Mama Cloth is often made using the same types of fabrics as Cloth Diapers. 

Alternatively, to save on loads of laundry, you can bulk up the load, after the first cold rinse cycle with towels or other items you normally laundry on hot. 

Bella Luna Damask Mama Mini Wetbag

How Much Mama Cloth Do I Need?

The amount of Mama Cloth needed varies from woman to woman based on her menstrual cycle and wash routine. If you plan to wash every 2 days, here is a quick calculation to help you assess:

Number of disposable pads used per day x 1.25 (you may need to change slightly more often than disposable, the .25 extra adds that buffer) x 2.5 (accounts for 2 days worth of pads plus the time needed to wash)

For many the numbers look like this:

8 x 1.25 x 2.5 = 25 Mama Cloth Pads needed if washed every 2 days.

Again, this is a very personal number and will differ based on your own menstrual cycle and how often you plan to wash your Mama Cloth.

Bella Luna Regular Mama Cloth


Why Use Mama Cloth?

While a small investment is needed to build a stash, once purchased, quality made Mama Cloth can be used for years without needing to replace.

Disposable maxi pads, just as disposable diapers, do not biodegrade and add to the ever growing volumes of waste filling our landfills.

Mama Cloth has also been proven to have many health benefits associated with their use.  "Maxi Pads" and disposable diapers are both laced with chemicals and unnatural products.  These chemicals and toxins have been proven to increase the chances of yeast infections, rashes and some of the toxins, such as bleach, have even been banned in many European countries and been linked to cancer!

Many users of Mama Cloth have reported that with continued use of Mama Cloth, their menstrual cycles shortened, their cramps decreased, and their overall flow decreased. These benefits have been shown to be linked to the lack of chemicals and toxins which undoubtedly have a negative impact on health.

Mama Cloth is also very comfortable for many women.  With some many shapes, sizes, and material combinations available, it's a sure bet you’ll find exactly what suits you best.

Bella Luna Regular Mama Cloth

About Bella Luna Mama Cloth

Bella Luna offers breathable poly-fleece-backed Mama Cloth which has hidden layers of absorbent Organic Bamboo Fleece. The top of Bella Luna Mama Cloth is a “stay dry” layer of athletic wicking jersey.  The pads are contoured and have wings which are wrapped around the gusset of panties using a durable poly resin snap. They dry quickly and have been designed for ultimate comfort, luxury, and trimness.

Bella Luna offers the following Mama Cloth Sizes-

  • 11" Super Absorbency- great for the start of your period or overnights. Features 2 layers of bamboo and a layer of zorb, an AWJ top, and breathable fleece backing.
  • 9" Regular Absorbency- perfect for non heavy flow days (the regular pads have the zig zag stitching down the center). Features 2 layers of bamboo, an AWJ top, and breathable fleece backing.
  • 9" Light Absorbency- perfect for the last few days of your period when only light absorbency is required. Features 1 layer of bamboo, an AWJ top, and breathable fleece backing.
  • 7" Panty Liner- perfect for light spotting or to control feminine moisture. Features 1 layer of bamboo, an AWJ top, and breathable fleece backing.

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