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Intended Use-

Bella Luna Trainers have been completely redesigned and provide you with a great potty training tool. Our trainers feature a full layer of water resistant pul, awj lining, and a sewn in 3 layer bamboo fleece soaker. This amount of absorbency is intended for day time, accident catching use. For overnight, laying in a BL booster is recommended. Our trainers feature the soaker on top of the awj to provide your child with the “wet” feeling, which is important during potty training. As with all natural fibers, max absorption is reached after approx 8-10 washes. Your Bella Luna trainer arrives to you having been washed twice.

Testing Information-

Bella Luna is seeking 12 testers for our new Pull Up Trainers. From those who complete the form, we will choose 2 boys and 2 girls for each size. All testing participants must actively be potty training. Testing participants will be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire and provide actions shots of the trainers. Those chosen will be invoice $25 for the trainer plus applicable taxes and shipping (this price is not indicative of retail price). Upon completion of testing, assuming you have provided us with all the required information, you will be reimbursed for your time and efforts with a $25 Bella Luna Gift Card. The form will close at 2pm est Wednesday, May 3rd and we will contact those chosen that afternoon. 

*Please note that the trainers that are being used for testing have some esthetic flaws, as these are the first that your seamstresses have made. None of the flaws will affect function or sizing.

If you are interested in testing Bella Luna Pull Up Trainers, please complete ::THIS:: form.

Release Information-

Bella Luna Trainers will be offered as DYO Custom items in solid colors with your choice of outer pul, inner awj and elastic band color. BL will periodically offer printed pul Trainers via pre order.

At this time, we are focussing our Trainer launch for our Pull Up design only.

Testing will take place for the month of May. We anticipate to release Bella Luna Trainers in early June.

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