How can I join a group?

To commit to a group, simply comment with “Committed- same name” if your Bella Luna Account is under the same name as your facebook, OR Committed- BL Name XXXX if the two names differ. You will want to ensure you have created a Bella Luna account before committing to a group. You can do so ::HERE::.

It is good practice to write down the important information regarding each group you commit to, including the Submission Date. Making a file on your mobile device or computer with all the group info for groups you committed to, including the groups URL, is the very best way to track your commitments. You may also find it useful to download our CMG tracking spreadsheet that can be found ::HERE::.Please remember that once committed, you are responsible for the purchase. If you are unable to remain committed to your group, please read over ::THIS:: file which will provide you information on finding a replacement member.
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