I’m interested in a group, how to find out more information about it?

You can find out all the details about a group by looking over the Official Thread Information which is always included as the top post for each group. 

Most of the lines are pretty self explanatory, but some are a bit more “confusing, so we’ll go into details where needed;

“1st Week Submission Date”, this is the first date that the product is eligible to enter into production. If the total number of groups submitting is equal to or less than Bella Luna’s total weekly production capacity, you can expect that this is the date that the groups Checkout Link will be created on the website. Each Monday, new groups enter Bella Luna’s production que. Checkout Links are normally ready approximate mid day. A new album will be created and all committed group members are tagged. Please remember that facebook sometimes glitches, so if you know you are committed to a group that is submitting on any given Monday, please check the Round album to find your groups checkout link. Members have from when the checkout link is posted until Friday at 1pm est to checkout for their cmg groups. Please ensure that you checkout for all items that you are committed to for the same submission date, at the same time. Reminder tags are done on Thursdays, but again, please do not rely on facebook to notify you, as a committed group member, you are responsible to check in and complete your committed purchase. Once you’ve completed your order, please comment that you have paid in the checkout link thread. 

“Opens for Commitments on”- this is the earliest date that members can join the group. New groups are added to the album at the start of new weeks and these new groups always have the exact same “opens for commitments” date, which is always the first Thursday at 8pm est. If you happen upon a group who’s “Opens for Commitments” date has passed, then you are welcome to commit to the group at that time, assuming that the group is not already full. To commit to a group, simply comment with “Committed- same name” if your Bella Luna Account is under the same name as your facebook, OR Committed- BL Name XXXX if the two names differ. 

Inner Color- This is the color that will be used on the inside of the diaper. You can review all our color charts ::HERE::

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