Rewards Program

How do I earn points?

Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend when you place your order under your registered BL account email address! Our system tracks all your purchases and updates your Bella Luna Rewards Account after each purchase. Please Note: points are not earned for any gift card purchases, shipping fees, taxes or discounts applied. It is imperative that you place your order under your registered Bella Luna email address to earn the points. We are unable to move points from one email to another.

How do I redeem rewards?

From our website, the rewards points area can be accessed by clicking the little black rectangular box at the bottom of the page.

The system will allow you to redeem two denominations of discount codes, 150 points = $5 or 300 points = $10, based on the number of points you have available. It is important however to only apply discount codes that are worth as much as or LESS than your order total, as the discount codes do not carry a balance. 

Please also note that discount codes come off the sub total and therefor the shipping can not be paid for via a discount code. 

Help.... I can't see the Rewards Points area?!?!

If you are not seeing your rewards points balance, please clear your internet browsers cookies. If you are unsure of how to do so, a quick google search that includes the browser you are using will give you the step by step instructions. This process is SUPER easy and takes less than 2 minutes. 
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