One Size- Booster


Bella Luna boosters are designed to be used
in conjunction with Bella Luna Inserts to increase the absorbency.


Bella Luna Boosters feature a hidden layer of Zorb just under the top layer of bamboo. Zorb is a great addition to the bamboo as it increases the speed of wetness absorption, absorbing 10x it's weight in half a second (that's 20x faster than any other insert material!!!), works to evenly distribute wetness throughout the booster, and dramatically decrease compression wicking.

In total the booster features 2 layers of heavy weight bamboo fleece and 1 layer of zorb.

Please Note

Bella Luna Boosters arrive to you having been washed once. It is recommend that you wash a few times prior to use, keeping in mind that, as with all natural fiber inserts/boosters, they reach max absorption after 8-10 washes.

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