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One Size- Insert


Bella Luna Inserts are specifically designed to accommodate Bella Luna, One Size Pocket Diapers.

The unique design of Bella Luna inserts allow for the insert to adjust in length to perfectly accommodate the rise setting of your Bella Luna diaper. This customization is possible with the use of strategically placed snaps, which increase or decrease the overall length of the insert.

Hidden just under the top layer of bamboo, is a layer of Zorb. Zorb is a great addition to the bamboo as it increases the speed of wetness absorption, absorbing 10x it's weight in half a second (that's 20x faster than any other insert material!!!), works to evenly distribute wetness throughout the insert, and dramatically decrease compression wicking. The zorb has been positioned in such a way that it draws the wetness down towards the middle and back of the insert, aiding to keep from the insert being mostly only saturated in the wetzone.

When folded, Bella Luna Inserts feature 6 layers of heavy weight bamboo fleece and one layer of zorb in the wetzone!

Please Note

Bella Luna Inserts arrive to you having been washed once. It is recommend that you wash a few times prior to use, keeping in mind that, as with all natural fiber inserts, they reach max absorption after 8-10 washes.

To keep from added strain on the snaps, please ensure the insert is unsnapped when washing. The weight of waterlogged diapers and inserts can tangle within the insert if left snapped and this can cause the snaps to break.

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