Seaspray Ella'ssential (61)
Size 1 Pocket Diaper
Instock and Ready to Ship


**This diaper is being sold at a discounted price due to the following issue**
Run in the pul on the front panel. Does not affect lamination

Cloth Diaper Construction
Outer- Waterproof Polyester PUL
Inner- Athletic Wicking Jersey

Size- Newborn -> Small, 7-15lbs

Care Instructions
Using Cloth Diaper friendly detergent;
Cold Rinse -> Long Hot Wash -> Cold Rinse
Machine Dry on low or Line Dry

Please Note
Pocket Diapers do not come with inserts, allowing you the choice to use inserts that are already within your stash. Please keep in mind that our diapers are trimmer than most brands and therefore not all inserts will be a good fit. Premium Heavy Bamboo + Zorb inserts, tailor-made for this diaper :HERE:

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